We offer a range of pricing options for both our physiotherapy, complimentary health care and fitness pilates services.

Introduction to Fitness Pilates

This intro pack is ideal for those who are new to Pilates or our studio.

$79 for the first two weeks

Get fit the right way with Bodyworks Intro to fitness package.  We make sure you have the right idea from the start with an introduction class and the first two weeks to be able to try all the types of classes and instructors and develop a habit that works for you.

10 classes in 2 weeks!

Get 50% off Private 1:1 sessions with one of our fantastic instructors during the Intro Offer.

New clients only.

 Services and Packages



Rehabilitation Initial Consult (1 Hour) $155

Rehabilitation Follow Up (45 mins) $101

Rehabilitation Duo (45 mins) $71

Rehabilitation Follow Up 10 Pack 1:1 Recurring (45 mins) $950

Physiotherapy- Hand's On Therapy

Physiotherapy Initial Consult (Acute)$97

Physiotherapy Initial Consult (Sub-Acute) $130

Physiotherapy Follow Up (Acute) $85

Physiotherapy Follow Up (Sub-Acute) $120

Pilates Memberships

Please Discuss this with the Reception Team. Billed fortnightly.

3 classes per week -  $59 per week

4 classes per week - $69 per week

5 classes per week - $79 per week

6 classes per week - $89 per week

10 pack - $350



Amputee Initial Consult (2 Hour) $380.00

Amputee Follow Up (60 mins) $170.00

Amputee Follow Up (45 mins) $125.00

Report Writing (per hour) $150



Neurological Initial Consult (2 hours) $380

Neurological Follow Up (60 mins) $170

Neurological Follow Up (45 mins) $125

Neurological Follow Up (Home Visit) $285

Report Writing (per hour) $150



Scoliosis Initial Consult $155

Scoliosis Follow Up $105

Scoliosis Duo $71

Women's Health

Women's Health Initial Consult (60 mins) $155

Women's Health Follow Up (45 mins) $105

Remedial Massage

30 Minute Remedial Massage $85.00

45 Minute Remedial Massage $92.00

60 Minute Remedial Massage $110.00

90 Minute Remedial Massage $145.00

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology Initial (60 mins) $155

Exercise Physiology Follow Up (60 mins) $132.00

Exercise Physiology Follow Up (45 mins) $99.00



Strength for Life

Strength for Life Assessment: (LLLS01) $85.00

Strength for Life Group Class: (LLLS02) $15.00

Strength for Life Group Class

Concession Price: (LLLS02) $12.00

Got Questions? Would You Like To Arrange A Booking?

A quick chat with one of our team members can answer all your questions and get a booking arranged for you.  Simply call us on (08) 9381 5565, or pop your details into the form below and we'll be in touch.

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